Commercial LED Display

Ultimate Guide For Commercial LED Display

The new era of digital age is here and its influence is getting bigger and further. That’s why more and more LED display companies and commercial advertising agencies are investing in digital LED advertising board in prime locations. Times Square in New York, Leicester Square in London and central Tokyo; these major cities have become somewhat of an icon and testament to the success of well-placed and interactive outdoor billboard advertising.

Cinstar outdoor LED advertising board offers the ultimate in visual presentations and high quality advertisement displaying which greatly attracts the spectator’s attention. If done correctly through superb geographic location, advanced LED display technology, skillful creative design and interactive software, both the infrastructure and the sponsor are going to benefit in gaining the attention of thousands of people a day.

Here we will introduce you what aspects you should look into about LED advertising board. It may bring you a tip or inspiration for your advertising business.

Chapter 1: Benefits of LED advertising display

With the rapid development of LED display technology and drop down on the purchasing cost, commercial LED display screen is now a preferable media solution for brand promotion and advertisement campaign. Here are the unparalleled advantages what outdoor LED screen can bring comparing with traditional print advertising.

  • A wide variety of advertisement contents

    As a digital display billboard, LED billboard can display any kind of advertisement contents such as text, image, video, TV signal, camera signal etc. The whole commercial LED display could be split into several parts to display different contents. The commercial value of this advertising location could be greatly maximized.

  • Better advertisement quality and broader audience

    The digitalized advertisement on the LED advertising board is easier to be seen and impressed by potential customers. The high brightness and vivid color of the LED display screen makes the advertisement content with better quality and leaves the passing-bys strong visual impact. Easier to reach more potential customers and better for brand promotion.

  • Intelligent advertisement management platform

    Dozens or hundreds of advertisements could be uploaded to LED advertising screen management software and runs automatically as scheduled. The sequence and running time of each advertisement could be customized. Which greatly accelerates your return on investment.

  • Durable and profitable

    The advanced and matured LED technology enables the lifetime of LED billboard more than 100,000 hours. For outdoor outdoor LED screen, it withstands any severe weather conditions and performs with excellent stability. But for the outdoor print advertisement, it has to be replaced quite frequently. For the long run, the LED advertising screen is more profitable and economical.

Cinstar has very comprehensive product lines for both indoor and outdoor commercial advertising, no matter it will be installed like V-shaped, curved or any other shapes, our products could be customized to realize it.

Chapter 2: Applications of LED advertising screen

At present, LED display screen has walked into our daily life and decorates our cities with colorful images. As an integrated modular industrial product, LED advertising board can be customized to meet any kind of applications based on the specific installation environment. Here are the most common applications of LED display.

  • Commercial advertising campaign

    Benefits of the natural advantages of LED display, the primary function of LED advertising board is to display advertisement and make profits from it. Such outdoor LED screen is easy to be captured at the facades of shopping mall, top of building, major highway or even bus station where have good flows of crowd and with excellent visibility to the outdoor LED screen.

  • Information display window

    Thanks to its modular design, the LED display sets no limitation on its dimension and resolution. That is why we can always see the massive LED billboard displays at stock exchange, airport, train station and bus station to show the real time data feedback as the information display window. Somehow, these places (except stock exchange) also perfect to show commercial advertisement. Where there is crowd, there is advertising.

  • Brand promotion & corporate image enhancing

    One another main application of LED display screen is at real estate, amusement park, holiday village and corporate showroom etc. Unlike the commercial advertising activity, the LED display screen at these places are mainly used to display corporate video, product or program presentation and internal facilities etc to promote their own brand or services.

There is very wide application of LED display screen in all walks of life, wherever needs a big video screen, it could be the LED display screen. After all, it still belongs to the category of monitor, and could be a massive one if there is a need.

Chapter 3: How the LED advertising screen can be controlled

According to the manners of signal transmission, the controlling of a outdoor LED screen could be divided into two types: synchronous control and asynchronous control. Here is the difference of them.

Synchronous control

Synchronous control means that the LED advertising screen will display the text, image or video from controlling computer or other input devices like TV signal, camera or VCR etc.

The real-time signal transmission requires the LED advertising screen is always connected to the controlling computer or video processor. If connection fails, the LED advertising display will lose the signal and display nothing.

The synchronous control is widely used for commercial LED advertising display, rental LED display, sports LED display and other big format LED displays.

Asynchronous control

Asynchronous controlling LED advertising screen can work independently and don’t have to always remain connected to controlling computer. The computer is only needed when you are going to edit the advertising content.

All the advertisement content will be sent to the control card inside the LED advertising screen via a UTP cat5 cable, USB disk, a WiFi connection, 4G wireless or others form of data transmissions.

When the data is transmitted successfully to the control card, the data will be saved in its memory card. Then you can cut off the connection. The control card will display the videos and images until you turn it off from your side.

Asynchronous control is ideal for the installations that the controlling computer is far from LED advertising screen or the installation location is hard to do the wiring. This controlling method is usually being used for small size LED display screen, roadside LED display or outdoor advertising LED display.

Chapter 4: Intelligent and practical peripheral devices for LED advertising screen

As a high-value industrial product, LED advertising display is compatible with other device or software to fulfill some very practical functions. Which will make your LED display system more reliable and easier to manage. Here are some devices recommended for your LED display.

  • Light sensor

    For an outdoor LED advertising display, the ambient brightness during the day and night varies a lot. If the LED display is running with a preset brightness all day, it gonna be too bright or too dark. Too bright, it causes light pollution, unfriendly to eyes and consume more power. If too dark, the image quality of advertisement will be affected, sponsor not happy about that.

    The solution for such awkward situation is using light sensor. It will adjust the display brightness with the change of ambient light condition automatically and help to get the perfect balance between visual experience and commercial value.

  • Intelligent monitor card

    As an advertisement operator, it is very necessary to monitor the working conditions of all your LED advertising screens and make sure they are at the state of normal operation to display advertisements. But how would you do that in an easy way? CCTV might be a solution, but quite old fashioned and not practical to operate. The solution we recommend is the intelligent monitor card.

    If the cabinet is installed with monitor card, the working status of it will be monitored. For instance, the cabinet temperature, humidity and smoke, the status of power supplies, electric fans and modules. Any failure occurs, it will be shown on your management platform in real time. Which enables prompt problem diagnosis and quick maintenance.

  • Multifunction card

    A multifunction card could be integrated with light sensor, temperature sensor to capture the ambient condition and adjust the parameters of the LED advertising display to ensure it operates at the best working conditions. If you use power distribution cabinet for your LED display, a multifunction card could be installed inside to control the power on/off of the screen as scheduled. So as to the ventilator or air conditioner.

    What is more, the multifunction card is also audio output integrated, a loudspeaker or amplifier could be connected.

Chapter 5: How to clean outdoor LED advertising display?

As the preferable media solution for commercial advertising, outdoor LED advertising board has been widely used in many industries for its high uniformity, great stability and excellent image performance. But after running for a certain period of time, the dusts and other particles on its surface will affect its performance. So, a regular cleaning work is indispensable to be fulfilled to maintain its best performance and extend its working hours. But how to clean the outdoor LED advertising screen?

  • Cabinet internal cleaning

    The dusts get into cabinet via ventilation fans will stick to the fans and increase resistance to its operation. It will also fall on the electronic components and affect their thermal conductivity and insulation performance. Even worse, if long time no cleaning, for the LED advertising board in constant high humidity conditions, the dust will absorb the moisture in the air and cause short circuit or mildew to PCB board, receiving card and hub board etc.

    Before cleaning work, the LED display has to be powered off. Air pressure gun, cleaner and soft brush could be used to clean the dusts. But it has to be conducted carefully, avoid any damage to the components. Meanwhile, you can also check the cables and control cards, make sure no loosen connections.

  • Display surface cleaning

    Power off the LED display, before doing any cleaning work.
    Dust removal. The air pressure gun could be used to blow the dust. Then you can use electric brush to clean the stubborn dirt. You clean it from left to right or the opposite, just the same direction.

    Cleaning. Spray clean water and special cleaning agent to the surface of the LED display. Then you need to clean the LED module mask with electric brush(soft), direction from top to bottom, left to right. The brushing work has to be done carefully avoid damage to the LEDs. After that, spray clean water to wash away the dirt and foam.

    Drying the screen. Air pressure gun or cleaner could be used to dry the surface of LED display. Fast drying process could reduce dust stick to the wet surface and leave stubborn dirt. Or just let it dry naturally if it is good air condition.

Chapter 6: Things should be done before purchasing LED display screen

If you are an importer in your local market, you can just purchase the transparent LED display as your client requested. But if you are a newcomer who wants to purchase a LED screen to run your own advertising company. Here are some tips for your consideration.

  • Local market investigation

    You should have a list of the market info in your mind. For example, how many advertising companies on the market, how many outdoor LED screen they have, where their LED displays located, what pixel pitch and dimension of their screens etc. Then you will have a rough idea what kind of outdoor LED screen suitable to your business.

    Besides, you should also figure out what price the advertisers willing to pay for the campaign, check your existing clients and predict how many you may have after having your outdoor LED screen. Then you will know what kind of quality outdoor LED screen can meet your expectation and how long you can recoup the cost. If it is proven to be a good business, then it is good to go.

  • Installation permit

    No matter you are an importer or end user, the installation permit application progress will affect your whole purchasing process, especially for outdoor installation. Only when you get the permit, you can buy the LED display. Otherwise, even if you bought it, it can only be stored in your warehouse. If you install it without permit, it probably will be torn down by government.

    For instance, if you want to install a LED advertising screen at the facades of a building and facing to road. Then you need to get permit from the building owner first, then permit from your community. At last, maybe the permit from Roads Administration or similar department. Different region and country have different policy on permit.

    Therefore, it is necessary for you to figure out the progress of the permit. The purchasing can only be made when permit is ready or almost done, otherwise all your effects might be in vain.

    The best commercial LED display:

    Cinstar Electronics is one of the reliable and worldwide appreciated retail store for the best quality of commercial LED display. We have a trusting image as the manufacturer of premium quality LED advertising board. The one of the primary use of commercial LED displays are to showcase and market the products, services, brands, or organizations as these LED advertising screen are considered a more attractive and appealing way to approach to the public. Since 2012, our company is benefiting the advertising agencies and helping them by providing the right equipment to publicize their content.

    Wide audience range and great brightness with high stability:

    After the massive transfer of advertising agencies on commercial LED display and a decrease in the purchasing cost, these are now one of the highly recommended media solutions for promotions and advertisements. As multiple contents can be displayed on these LED advertising board, a good chunk of revenue could be earned. These commercial led display is controlled by other devices like the monitor to in control room. Best on the high altitudes, it gives an eye-catching look and grabs the attention of the passer-byes. Mostly you can find such LED advertising display on buildings and in a different type of shows and events.

    Our commercial display acts as the best outdoor LED screen, bearing all the harsh conditions of weather and polluted air. Cinstar Electronics hands you the finished products that have a transparent LED display while hanging on any building or street-side. We ensure the full proved safety of products with high-tech equipment and modern manufacturing tools. Our employees are highly skilled and committed to preparing the most appreciable product in the global market. Our company has an aim to revolutionize LED advertising and bring a new trend of LED billboard among the competitors from the market.

    Our principle product has outstanding ultra-HD qualities and durability which sets a benchmark for others to follow. Cinstar takes every struggle to prove you with our business principle of “honesty, integrity, and responsibility” and we are proud with our whole team in providing integrated services like after-sales services, on-site and 24/7 phone services, and many more.


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