Commercial LED Display

Leading China's Commercial Outdoor LED Screen Innovations for Bulk Purchase

Your marketing will become more penetrative when you connect with Cinstar Electronics Co. Ltd. We have screens of high-powered LEDs that can do the job. They will offer a phenomenal success rate with visuals for the audience. Marketing firms should have a look at them for impactful marketing. We undoubtedly have one of the best outdoor LED display screens for you. For every outdoor advertisement, they will be enough for you. Even the prices are not much when you explore more. Cinstar Electronics supplies them at a very economical price range. Those who want to purchase outdoor LED screens in bulk can find a low-cost supply. It is our strength in the industry, which you can benefit from. These prices will suit all buyers who want low-cost LED screens for outdoor installation. You will find our prices feasible for your budget.

Features of Our Manufactured Commercial LED Display Board

We keep up with users' demands. This includes our performance and durability level, which shows our brilliance. When you install them, they will fulfill the purpose of every marketer. The colors, pattern, brightness, and every detail will reach their optimum level. These are the features you will find in each outdoor LED display board of Cinstar Electronics.

• The brightness range starts from 6000 nits and reaches 10000 nits.

• Up to 3840 Hz and above refresh rate will keep the message flowing at the right speed.

• You will find the pixel pitch range from 6.7 mm to 16 mm, which is all about high-quality performance.

• These display boards will bear different weather conditions for a long time.

• This is why they are waterproof LED screens for outdoor applications.

• Their heat resistance level is also suitable for daytime heat survival.

• Such screens' wide view angles will offer viewers a clear message.

• They can last up to 100,000 hours.

• We offer customization in sizes of these outdoor LED screens.

Why Choose Our Top-Notch Commercial Outdoor LED Display Screen?

Cinstar Electronics Co. Ltd. ensures you get the screen quality you want. We use the best materials for production and perform quality inspections of each screen. Consider us a top option before you go for the selection process. Our R&D team ensures such remarkable performance from these outdoor LED display screens.


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