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Increase your marketing strength with Cinstar Electronics Co., Ltd. Using efficient LED screens will have a better and more substantial impact. They are available here for all the marketers out there. Each flexible LED screen here has vivid colors and a long lifespan. Once you determine the performance level and the impact, you will not wish to go anywhere else. Installing them in the stadium will boost the chances of higher exposure. This will lead marketing companies to have higher leads. Since these screens take less installation time, you will not face many challenges. Cinstar Electronics ensures each direct-view LED's success through its certifications. We are a certified manufacturer with CE, FCC, UL, ETL, etc. It shows buyers will find exactly what they come here for. Each LED screen will give consistency in performance wherever you install it.

Key Features of Our Top-Notch Stadium LED Screen

Buyers want to experience the best results, and we ensure such performance. Installing them in the stadiums will grab viewers' attention the way you expect. We are aware of such an impact, so we install powerful LEDs in them.

Moreover, you will find core benefits like,

• The refresh rate is near 3800 Hz, which will meet your requirements.

• The brightness level is near 6500 nits, which will influence the viewers.

• The pixel pitch ranges from 4 mm to 10 mm, producing the best picture quality.

• Every flexible LED screen will show the color intensity that your marketing objective requires.

• Image quality will keep up the colors you want viewers to watch.

• There is immense screen protection on each screen for safety from shocks from football, etc.

• We work on providing a comprehensive view angle to ensure the best user experience.

• They can last up to 100,000 hours with acceptable performance.

• TWe install soft layers to protect athletes if they collide with the screen.

• Buyers can use such screens for advertising and scoreboards in the stadiums.

• Temperature endurance ranges from -20 to 60 degrees centigrade.

How Does a Stadium LED Screen Work?

Each screen collaborates with the others to form your desired image of content. They transform the data from the input device to the advertisement you want. Some marketers use transparent LED screens to make a whole different impression. These screens have futuristic styles, which can stun the viewers into buying the product marketers want. Each screen connects with the other one to ensure the message meets the consistency and loop. You should try Cinstar Electronics to experience this success.

Why Choose Color Light Stadium LED Display?

Cinstar Electronics Co., Ltd. works on screen image quality and view angle. We know that every direct-view LED must meet its minimum performance level. This is how we ensure the screen performs per the viewers' expectations. In front of an entire crowd, these screens will show the scoreboard, advertisement, and news you want. They give the performance that you desire for the maximum clarity of message. Our team of engineers works on the performance level through their remarkable R&D work. Worries will never be about durability, image clarity, and temperature endurance. We install mighty boards and sturdy frames to withstand harsh conditions. You can purchase them at reasonable prices from us. We maintain the price level low for international and local buyers. Our production capacity is significant so you can buy them even in large volumes.


Immersive Visuals: A flexible LED screen offers stunning visuals, ensuring every seat in the stadium provides a prime view of the action. The high-quality display enhances the overall entertainment value for the audience.

Enhanced Fan Experience: The vibrant and sharp visuals on the flexible LED screen enhance the fan experience, making them feel more connected to the event. This, in turn, boosts fan loyalty and attendance.

Branding Opportunities: Utilize the LED screen to showcase team logos, sponsors, and branding elements, reinforcing your venue's identity while providing exposure to partners.

Future-Proof Investment: Investing in a flexible LED screen showcases your venue's commitment to innovation and modernization. It positions your venue as a technologically advanced space, attracting event organizers and attendees.

Flexible LED Screen: A New Dimension of Creative Possibilities

These innovative displays offer a new dimension of possibilities for your creative projects. With the versatility of flexible LED screen, you can bend, curve, and shape your visual ideas in once unimaginable ways. Whether you're in art, design, events, or advertising, these screens open doors to captivating and immersive experiences. Say goodbye to the constraints of traditional screens and step into a world where your imagination knows no bounds. Embrace the future with flexible LED screen and unlock limitless creative potential today.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a screen that are used in concerts

The screen used in concerts is called an "LED video wall" or "LED screen". It displays live video, visual effects, and close-up shots of performers to enhance the concert experience for all audience members.

How much does a stadium screen cost?

The cost of a stadium screen can vary widely depending on factors such as size, resolution, technology, and installation requirements. Basic screens start around a few thousand dollars, while more significant, high-resolution LED screens can cost several hundred thousand dollars. It's best to contact suppliers or manufacturers for accurate pricing based on your specific needs.


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