Who We Are

Cinstar is the industry professional-led screen panels and walls manufacturer specializing in leading video wall solutions. We deliver premium quality commercial grade 4K LED SCREEN highly demanded led advertising. Our product line ranges from transparent led screen to led screen walls and panels for cinema, sports screening, on-camera application, and displays for collaborative spaces and advertising campaigns.

Cinstar is known for providing high-resolution led panels with advanced technologies that make fine pixels spectacular than ever before. Our global consumers trust our led products due to their quality, making us a trusted brand of led screens and panels. The panel control technologies in 4K led screens to mesmerize users with an incredibly immersive viewing experience.

What Make Our Led Screen Panels Exceptional?

Super Resolution technology provides a more excellent contrast ratio and delivers a stunning picture and jaw-dropping view experience. Seamless integration and automated control enable precisely balancing the light output across the screen, providing the perfect view from all sides. We deliver custom design to video Led Screen Panels, and our standard designs include 135", 163", 216" screen sizes are easy to install and have equally powerful performance. See how we excel:

  • pre-assembled led screen panels eliminate the need for complicated setups.
  • HDR technology helps in increasing the contrast between the brightest whites and darkest blacks that provide incredibly detailed, close-to-true picture results.
  • Panel controller evenly spread wide spectrum of colors and enhanced with extra detail and texture.
  • Ultra-dense LED structure spectacularly provides accurate pictures at wide led screen wall.
  • Transparent LED screens give high-impact displays for various commercial needs.
As industry veterans, our team have managed thousands of LED projects and passionate about fulfilling customer's ideas by high quality visual LED landscapes.
Cinstar is committed to be a reliable partner behind customers by providing quality LED products and integrated services. We do our part and never compete with them.
We have highly comprehensive product lines which cover very wide range of applications and equipped qualified certificates which compatible with EU or US standards
We believe that quality is critical to satisfying customers. By using a variety of top-class equipment, we are the manufacturer of indoor and outdoor led display the finest products with the highest quality of standards.

what our customers say

  • I have known Jason for some years. Right from the start, Jason impressed me with his professional manner and consummate business acumen. He has a no nonsense approach, with always a focus on what are the best solutions to meet both short term and long term business objectives. He has an outstanding understanding of customer service and client retention and is trusted by many to always be honest and give the best advice. I would have no hesitation in recommending prospective customers to use Cinstar LED screen display and their excellent services.

    – Garrett Henderson – Complete AV Solutions

  • I'd like to say a massive thank you-the big LED screen display looks so great at my event site and I think it just adds an extra touch for our participants! Working with you again this year has been excellent, your service and technician team have been incredible too!

    – Anthony Van Andel – AV Direct CC

  • Cinstar LED video display exceeded all expectations. We were extremely happy with every aspect from the initial design and consultations, right through to the commissioning. Their expertise and technical knowledge proved to be invaluable and the dedication they showed right through the project was relentless. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them.

    – Matthew Shankle – ADTI Media

  • I wanted to thank you for supplying the LED video display at the last minute, the event went very well as scheduled and the LED video display worked with zero-defect for three days, it was really amazing!!! We highly appreciated your great efforts and services on this case and look forward to working with you again in the not too distant future.

    – Jens Løvaas – Hove West

  • Alex and Sharon have provided my business with a fantastic service over the past year. They are always at the end of the phone when I need them and offer a service which goes above and beyond any other service provider I have used. I can highly recommend doing business with Cinstar team as they are reliable, knowledgeable and full of integrity.

    – Patrick Herveille – Highlite international BV

Campbell Park 4.8mm Campbell Park 4.8mm LED Video Display
ESPN Conference Room 1.56mm ESPN 1.56mm LED Screen Display
Mosco Airport 10mm Mosco Airport 10mm LED Video Display
New Zealand Shopping Mall 6mm New Zealand 6mm LED Screen Display
Strickly Star 3.9mm Strickly Star 3.9mm LED Video Display
Swizerland Conference room 1.2mm Swizerland 1.2mm LED Screen Display

How to maintain LED screen in Autumn and Winter


Normally, the electronic equipment is easily broken in autumn and winter, so as the LED screen. As a high-value electronic product, how to maintain the LED screen during this period is crucial to know. Besides the routine maintenance, here are 3 aspects that need to pay attention to: static electricity shock, condensation damage, and low temperature influence.

Cinstar outdoor LED screen decorates Finland shopping mall


The best is always looking for the best! It has been years since delivered the massive 5x12m indoor P5.9 LED screen for Koskikeskus shopping mall in Finland, we received a lot of complements from our customer for the stunning performance and stability of that screen. Here is the picture of that marvelous screen which required no any maintenance for 4 years after its installation.

How indoor fixed LED display benefits you


Indoor fixed LED display refers to the display that is immovable, fastened and installed at a location permanently. Same as the outdoor advertising board, the indoor LED display is ideal for advertising as well. In this article, we will discuss how an indoor fixed LED display benefits your business.
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