Hong Kong Cinstar Electronics Co., Limited.
Indoor Rental LED Display
Cinstar indoor rental LED display is especially designed for high standard rental productions. The front service panel structure and well controlled uniformity ensuring excellent image production and best operation experience. It is your first choice for TV production and all kinds of stage rental and corporate events etc. 
Outdoor Rental LED Display
Cinstar outdoor rental LED display is high qualified for outdoor rental application even under severe weathers. High IP rating and high brightness guarantees perfect performance for each event. No matter it is flat videowall, curved set-up or any other creative design, you can always realize it with Cinstar LED products and your imagination.
Indoor Commercial LED Display
Cinstar indoor commercial LED display is with slim and light weight cabinet frame, extremely easy to install. Front service screen will ease all your maintenance work. Highly processed image quality brings great visual impact. Unique fanless design guarantees a noise free operation and enhances customer's shopping experience. 
Outdoor Commercial LED Display
Cinstar outdoor commercial LED display prefers to front service installation which requires less investment on steel structure and maintenance cost. Our unique customizable LED sign solution will maximize each penny of your investment. If you are looking for a smart LED display solution, you should take a look at our product.
Creative LED Display
Cinstar X-Poster is an ideal choice for chain store product demonstration, retail shop promotion information and hotel hall welcome board. The slim screen body and easy operation system will bring you a fantastic experience. Cinstar transparent LED display is perfect for shopping mall advertisement, flagship store brand demonstration and stage rental applications.
As an experienced turnkey solution provider, Cinstar has comprehensive product lines and proven specific solution for each kind of applications, no matter it is the creative rental stage or giant commercial billboard. Cinstar cherishes each opportunity to communicate with customers for each of their initial ideas, and willing to spares no effort to carry it out. Cinstar is always at your service and welcome OEM&ODM cooperation.
Case Study
Cinstar LED display has been installed in quite a lot of countries and regions within five years. Until now, we have accumulated plenty of successful cases which might give you a lead or inspiration for your project. If interested, please take a click and know more about it. 
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