Creative LED Display

Ultimate Guide For Cinstar Creative LED Display

When the market is flooding with homogenized products and competition, how to stand out and differentiate from most others is a major task to both manufacturers and advertising agencies. To advertisement company or event rental company, it refers to skilled and creative installation or set-ups, eye-catching and interactive contents etc. But to LED display manufacturers, it requires the creative LED display should be with innovative design, catering to market demand and less competition on it.

Chapter 1: The types of Cinstar creative LED display

At Cinstar, we have several different creative LED displays to cater to a wide variety of market segments and bring you more choices for different applications. Here are the creative LED displays Cinstar supplies:

  • Transparent LED display

    Cinstar transparent LED display could meet both rental stage application and shopping center window installation. It could be used on stage for background or effect performance. Besides, it is perfect for window installation to show advertisements. The ultra-high transparency makes it almost invisible when showing no images and will bring you a very different visual experience than most other conventional LED products.

  • Poster LED display

    Poster LED display is also called mirror LED display, which is a kind of special advertisement player mainly for retail store, clothing store and hotel reception applications. They could work as independent advertisement players or be configured to perform as a bigger LED screen display. The portable design makes it perfect for rental events.

  • 3D hologram LED fan

    3D holographic LED display is another different display technology than LED display. The vivid 3D effect image and video are produced by rotating LED fans. It is a cost-effective display solution for store owners to show a holographic advertising content and attract potential customers.

Chapter 2: The advantages of Cinstar creative LED display

Creative LED displays are specially used for specific market segments which require the LED display has to meet specific installation or achieve some special functions. The market of creative LED display is smaller than normal LED display, but it requires high matching LED display product. Then it brings less competition on the other hand and easier for you to be different. Here are advantages of Cinstar creative LED display.

  • Advantages of transparent LED display

    Ultra-high transparency.Transparent LED display is adopting different material and PCB design than traditional LED display to achieve the extraordinary transparent rate (more than 80%). It is perfect for shopping window installations where the customers can have a great visual impact on the advertisement meanwhile it won’t block the view and sunlight.

    Customizable for specific projects. Cinstar transparent LED display can be customized for specific installation environment. For example, the panel size can be customized to fit into the frame of glass wall of shopping center. Besides, it could be customized to be curved, cylinder for any other irregular creative installations.

    High brightness and excellent visual attraction. Featuring high brightness LEDs, Cinstar transparent LED display can be used for indoor or semi outdoor installations. The high brightness (more than 5000nit) can effectively withstand the reflection of glass and enable the excellent advertisement content showing on the display.

  • Advantages of Poster LED display

    Easy maintenance and operation. Cinstar poster LED display adopts magnetic module for front access service. It is very easy to do the maintenance whenever a failure happened to module, receiver card or power supply. The whole poster LED display system is integrated with controlling software, just plug and play. The advertisement content can be uploaded and edited via mobile APP, easy to use.

    Customizable poster dimension. Cinstar poster LED display is possible to be customized for specific projects. The width and height of the poster are changeable based on the module size. Besides, the poster can be customized to be 90degree floor standing on its bottom base or can be leaned backward with rear supporting frame. It creates more options for your choice.

    Multiple control modes. The poster LED display can be configured as independent advertisement player. If more than one poster, they can be configured to display the same advertisement on each poster or configured to be a whole LED display to show advertisements.

  • Advantages of 3D hologram LED fan

    3D hologram LED fan is a new display technology for commercial advertising in recent years. It is an efficient advertising tool for store owners to attract crowd to their stores, which helps to spread and share advertising content in an impressive way. You might be wondering why the 3D hologram LED fan is so popular in recent years. Here are some key advantages of it, which might help you understand it better.

    Multiple installations

    The 3D hologram LED fan can be mounted to the wall to display a holographic effect floating free in the air. Or it could be installed on a simple support frame, covered with transparent plastic for safety. What is more, dozens of them can be installed on a structure frame and configured to display image or video as a LED display video wall.

    Eye-catching 3D effect

    When rotating LED fans, it can show vivid and detailed 3D effect of image and video. It is perfect to show product video for the market like KFC restaurants, retail shops and shopping centers. In addition, it can also be used to show company logo at corporate exhibition and company reception etc.

Chapter 3: Installation of Cinstar creative LED display

Transparent LED display

Featuring versatile panel designs, Cinstar transparent LED display is available for several different installations to deliver excellent visual impact for different industries. Here are how they can be installed.

Suspension installation

Cinstar transparent LED display is widely used for rental market and entertainment industry to create super visual enjoyment and engaging atmosphere for spectators. Suspension is the most common installation for these industries, featuring robust die-casting aluminum material and ultra-light weight and slim panel, Cinstar transparent LED display is secured to bear a suspension installation at least 10m. No matter it is a medium size party event or large scale music touring, Cinstar transparent LED display is capable of it and assuring you a satisfying output.

Customizable glass wall installation

Glass wall and shopping window are two most important installations of transparent LED display when used for commercial advertising. Cinstar transparent LED display can be tailored to different panel sizes to fit into the glass wall frame and installed to the existing frame. For fashion shops or jewelry stores window installation, all the cables can be hidden into the power box and makes the screen looks super clean and concise. It helps to attract potential customers and won’t affect their shopping experience.

Poster LED display

As a portable and easy operation media display solution, digital poster LED display is now playing a more and more important role in retail store, clothing store and corporate exhibition to demonstrate products or serve as information display window. Here are what they can be installed.

Floor standing installation

Cinstar poster LED display could be placed to stand on the floor with the frame integrated to the poster body. It could be used as welcome board at restaurants, company reception, corporate exhibition booth, conference room and shopping center etc. A perfect media solution for retail store and advertising agencies.

Suspension and wall mounted

Cinstar poster LED display is designed with some practical kits which enable wall mounted and suspension installation. When installed as wall mounted, the poster LED displays can be placed disorderly to create a wide range of visual effect, perfect for art exhibition or art museum etc.

You only get one chance to make that first impression which is why you need something to create an immediate visual impact. At Cinstar, we have a vast market experience in all aspects and specifics of different markets and environments. From iconic structures to large-scale productions, we will work with you to customize our products and solutions to perfectly fit your purpose / requirements.

Our strength as a company comes through the quality of our products, technology, software, experience and the innovation of our experienced team. Our promise to our customers is to deliver a brilliant visual performance through our customized LED digital display with no compromise on quality, standards or customer support.


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