Cinstar 40.5sqm fine pitch HD1.56 LED video display to France


In recent years, with the tremendous market demand on LED display, as a critical category of LED display, fine pitch LED video display got a big increase on the market share and has been widely used for high profile and high end applications for its ultra-high resolution and stunning image performance. It is like a pop star in the applications of TV studio, conference room, control room and board room etc.


Last month, Cinstar won a project for a control room installation in France to replace the old fashioned LCD video wall. The customer was very picked on the product performance, which requires super sleek and slim cabinet for the narrowed installation space, solid dual-back up of data & power and ultra-high requirement on the uniformity of both display surface (if bad, you will see dark and bright lines) and display color and brightness. After comparisons with several other suppliers, the customer finally chose our HD series.


Featuring ultra-light and sleek cabinet, high refresh rate and gray scale, fully front installation and maintenance design, Cinstar HD series fine pitch LED video display is with exceptional high quality display performance and excellent image reproduction, it assures you a brilliant visual experience. For detailed introduction of HD series, please check:

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