Rental LED Display

What You Need to Know About LED Display

In recent years, the flourishing AV industry market demands more and more rental led displays than ever before. One reason is that LED display as the current best digital equipment to deliver high performance image and video has gained increasing attention and recognized by the matured rental markets. Another reason is the rapid development of LED technology.

Cinstar, as the professional LED display manufacturer with more than 10years industry experience, is concentrating on designing and manufacturing the most practical and cost-effective rental LED display to cater to the growing market demand.

When it comes to live production or entertainment activity, Cinstar Stage LED screen rental solution is capable of creating an engaging and dynamic atmosphere for your event by providing high quality LED rental display, LED screens for events excellent visual solution and an understanding of this extremely demanding industry.

Here are 6 things you need to know about rental LED display. It might help you understand better of rental LED display from the perspective of experienced manufacturer.

Chapter 1: What is rental LED display?

Rental led display literally means the LED display for rental market. It is also called led display rental or led display for hire. Literally speaking, it should include all the LED displays which are rentable such as permanent installation LED billboard display for advertising, mobile LED display trailer for live broadcasting and even perimeter banner LED video display etc.

But the definition of rental LED display from manufacturers is slight different. It is opposite to the fixed installation led display and is narrowed to refer to such LED display with very light weight, slim and sleek panel, support fast set up and dismantle and could be removable. For instance, the led display for concert, mobile stage background and music festival where the LED display just be there for a few days or a certain period, then it will be taken down and transported to other location for new events.

Chapter 2: Types and applications of rental LED display

Defined by its application environment, rental LED display is divided into indoor rental LED display and outdoor rental LED display. Normally, for the same series rental LED display, both indoor and outdoor models share the same panel design and could be installed in one screen.

Indoor rental LED display is usually used to indoor events like exhibition, award ceremony, fashion show, car show, wedding and conference room etc where require no waterproof on the LED display and no need high brightness. But the led display has to be qualified to deliver high definition image quality and superb visual performance.

For these indoor events, the market trend goes to lower and lower pixel pitch. It went to 3.9mm years ago, but now is 2.9mm or 2.6mm even lower pitch. The main reason is that the clients are always expecting better and clearer image to their spectators. If your rental LED display is with lower pixel pitch than others, then you will be much competitive on the market. It is the nature of market and competition.

Outdoor rental LED display is widely used to outdoor events like sport venue, touring, concert, music festival etc where require the LED display has to be waterproof (IP65 or IP54) and high brightness (more than 5000nits). Considering the viewing distance, such outdoor events are not very picked on the pixel pitch but pays more attention to its durability and stability. The demand of current market is 3.9mm and 4.8mm, but it will go to lower pixel pitch in the near future for sure.

Chapter 3: Advantages of rental LED display

Speed and efficiency are two vital elements to AV rental companies. When referring to event preparation, it is normally an integration of many different equipment like audio, video, lighting, truss frame, stage set-up, chairs, carpets etc. All these stuff have to be arranged and configured ready before event within very limited working time.

As the key video equipment of rental event, the rental LED display has to be with following features:

  • Easy and fast to install and dismantle, saving working time and labor cost
  • Can do creative set ups for specific events, flexible to different applications.
  • Robust and reliable weight capacity when used as suspension, safety comes first.
  • Can be maintained easily if failure happens.

Rental LED display plays an important role in a successful event, interacting with stage lighting and fireworks, it makes the event more appealing and engaging and deliver an immersive visual and sound experience to the attendees. That is why we can always see a lot of giant LED rental displays on big concerts and music festivals.

Chapter 4: Installations of rental LED display

As a mainstream video equipment, rental LED display is tailored to meet multiple installations varying with specific event. Here are the most common installations rental LED display mostly applied to.

  • Suspension installation

    For the events which require LED display up in the air, the suspension installation will be adopted. If there are existing suspension points on the site, it would be perfect. Just connect suspension points and rental LED display panels with suspension brackets. Otherwise, a truss will be needed to support the whole LED video display.

    For the suspension installation, it is crucial to do an elaborate and accurate calculation on the weight capacity of rigging and suspension bracket (factory should declare the weight capacity of their panel and bracket) before starting any set up. Safety first, a carelessness might lead to a disaster.

  • Wall mounted installation

    If the LED display has to be installed against the wall, then it will be wall mounted installation which is the most common installation of LED display. For such installation, you will be in need of a structure frame mounted to the wall, then connect the LED display panel to the frame with connecting plates. Keep in mind that the total weight of LED screen display and structure frame has to be within weight capacity of the wall. Such calculation has to be done at the initial stage of the project.

  • Ground support or floor stacking

    As to the events which set no possibility for rigging or suspension, it comes to the ground stacking. For such installation, normally factory will supply the stacking system compatible to their LED display.

    When installing the stacking system, it is necessary to make sure the stacking frame is placed on the even ground. Otherwise, some gaps may appear on the LED display and affect the image quality.

    And remember that when you build a giant LED video display with ground stacking system, it has to be with enough weight load to prevent the LED video display falling forward.

Chapter 5: Peripheral equipment for rental LED display

Somehow, rental LED display still belonging to the category of monitor. It is capable of showing any kind of contents. But it can only receive certain kind of signals. Therefore, you should buy other equipment according to what signals will be connected to the LED display. Here are some peripheral devices for rental LED display.

  • Video processor

    Video processor is a key equipment for rental events. At first, it should convert other input signals into the ones LED display accepts. For example, a live broadcasting from camera. Besides, the video processor can easier your content management and create more eye-catching effects on the LED display.

  • Splicing processor

    Video processor is a key equipment for rental events. At first, it should convert other input signals into the ones LED display accepts. For example, a live broadcasting from camera. Besides, the video processor can easier your content management and create more eye-catching effects on the LED display.

  • Video processor

    When an Ultra high resolution LED display is applied to deliver an immersive visual enjoyment to spectators, a splicing processor might be needed to configure the LED video display.

    For instance, a giant LED display with more than 10million pixels, except the NovaStar controllers (each controller can only load part of the display), a splicing video processor is needed to configure it to be a complete LED video display.

  • Road case

    As to rental events, road case or flight case is essential for fast packing and quick transportation. Normally, factories pack the rental LED display with flight case. But it is ok if you would like to use your own flight case.

  • Power distribution unit

    Power cable layout sometimes is like a pain in the ass when it comes to a big LED display. Imagine a rental event which demands a huge LED display, but power interfaces are 20-50meters away from the LED display. If you don’t have power distribution units, power cable layout will be a big trouble. But things are different with power distribution units even if there are very limited power interfaces available on site.

Chapter 6: What need to be considered before investing a rental LED display

When referring to installation project, the requirements are set before project getting started and applied only to the project. But things are more complicated when you are going to be involved into the rental market as green hand or planning to invest a rental LED display for one specific event.

Before taking any action, here are two most important things you need to do: collect detailed market information and estimate your business scale.

Detailed market investigation

If you are a new comer to the rental market and willing to invest one LED display to start your business. These questions may help you get the general information about the market.

Who are the players on the market, what is their main business and what pixel pitch LED display they are using?

What are the market segments you want to step into, who will be your competitors and what is your advantage to beat them?

What rental price the clients willing to pay for the service, how long you can cover the cost and make profit?

If you have very clear answers for these questions and still willing to step into the market, then you will know what is the best LED display for you.

Estimate your business scale

No matter you are investing a LED display for one specific event or for your growing business, you need to make a prediction on your business scale. For instance, if you are asked to supply 50sqm rental LED display for one event and you will still use it after that. Then how many square meters you will purchase?

Before answering this question, you should be aware of one fact about LED display, it is the batch problem. If you buy a LED display now and months later you want to buy more to match your current LED display for bigger events, then you will find out that they can’t be used in one screen. Because they are from two batches LEDs which with different color and brightness. Such situation happens quite often.

Comes back to that question, you will now have more practical answer after looking back your past events and making a prediction about your business scale in the near future.

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Cinstar Electronics is proud of providing you the utmost thing on rental bases. These LED display screens are an essential part of any concert, show, or even official events. These can be fixed whether, from the ground, wall-mounted or suspension installation.

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