Rental LED Display

China's Top Choice for Rental LED Screen at Cinstar-LED

Make your events unforgettable by impressing your guests in the best way possible. It would help if you had LED screens from Cinstar Electronics Co., Ltd. for that. Once you install them in your event, the visuals will do the rest of the job. Install these stage LED screens for the maximum brightness level and color strength. The video will make a long-term impact on viewers in the event. If you want such quality for an expo, this is the right place for such a reason. We are one of the best manufacturers who can offer rental screens for your events.

Advantages of Our Manufactured Rental LED Solutions

We know what quality and performance you want from these screens. Each diode in the screen will give 100% performance for the maximum output you want.

• They are lightweight, which makes them easy to install anywhere you want.

• The pixel pitch ranges from 2.6 mm to 5.6 mm.

• You will receive a brightness level of 6000 nits for the highest reach to viewers.

• The refresh rate ranges from 1920 Hz to 3840 Hz, which can impress your guests with the message quality you want to give.

• You will have convenient installation and also maintenance of these rental LED screens.

• Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications with enough brightness level.

• You will have suspension as well as stacking modes of installation.

• Our screens will offer wide view angles for maximum image quality.

• This is where you will find the durability of rental LED screens for up to 100,000 hours.

Transform Spaces with High-Quality Rental LED Screen Solutions

We know how many options are suitable for users. This is why we have suspension, wall mount, and ground fixtures as our varieties. Cinstar Electronics Co., Ltd. will transform your event into a different place for its success. We know what size of screen you will require for that. Our team of experts works on such details to meet users' expectations. Whether the event is in the daytime or night, the visual quality will impress in every way.

Why Cinstar LED Rental Displays are Perfect for Your Events

You want to impress your guests, and nothing is better than our stage LED screen. We assure you of such vivid color and image quality in them. Your guests or viewers will be stunned to witness such striking image quality. We also keep the prices low, which means they are affordable too. Our rates will be reasonable for every user in the industry. We have a cost-effective supply for people who want these rental LED screens for their shows. It is time to choose the best name in the world, Cinstar Electronics Co., Ltd. You will wish to receive more from us because we work on customer satisfaction. This success comes through our standards compliance, which we maintain for global supply.

What Makes Us Special?

Cinstar-LED can meet all the objectives of advertisers and event organizers who wish to grab their audience's attention. We have been manufacturing stage LED screen for events and shows since 2012. So far, we have supplied high-quality displays to clients in more than 40 countries. It also includes our CE, ETL, FCC, UL certifications, etc, to meet global standards. The R&D team diligently works on the display development, and the QC team ensures everything is up to the mark.


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