200sqm Cinstar EC2.9 rental LED video display ready for shipment to USA


Half a month ago, Cinstar confirmed one deal with our USA customer for 200sqm of our EC 2.9 indoor rental LED video display. The whole display will be needed on large scale events and live productions months later. It was the first big order since its launch, but which by no accident, we earned the customer’s trust by high performance of our product and promised service quality.


The whole screen will be 2 shipments, the first batch was ready for delivery and the rest will be shipped in the following week. The screen was with high refresh rate of 3840Hz, all the panels, cables and power supplies are with UL standard.


Cinstar EC series LED video display supports both front and rear service, multiple installations and any other creative dislocation setups. It assures you a solid performance and great operation experience! For detailed introduction of EC series, please check: https://www.cinstar-led.com/product-detail/ec-series.php

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