Stage Rental Event Production LED Screen
Pixel Pitch (mm): 2.6 / 2.9 / 3.9 / 4.8 / 5.6
Brightness (nits): up to 6000
Refresh Rate(Hz): 1920-3840
Application: Indoor & Outdoor Event Production Display
Key Features
  • Simple and concise panel appearance
  • Modular design for easy maintenance
  • Versatile creative installation
  • Seamless screen connection
  • Suspension and floor stacking

Stage Rental Event Production Solutions

Designed specifically for stage rental event production, Cinstar K series LED rental panel adopts high-precise and lightweight die-casting aluminum frame and easy to use reliable locking system to ensure quick installation and seamless image quality.

Featuring high brightness LEDs, Cinstar K series LED rental panel delivers a great visual performance in any light condition. No matter it is outdoor sport event or live broadcast from mobile LED video screen, the spectators can always get the vivid and clear images.

Cinstar K series LED video panel can be used to both indoor and outdoor events and supports any creative installation like suspension, ground stacking, concave or convex to meet any eye-catching visual designs.

K SERIES Features

Slim die-cast aluminum lightweight frame

Fast lock design simplifies installation procesures

500x500mm and 500x1000mm panesl for options

Fully rear serive for easy maintenance

Versatile installations, hanging, floor stacking or curved

Available for both indoor and outdoor events

K SERIES Showcase
Technical Specification
K 2.6 K 2.9 K 3.9 K 3.9(Outdoor) K 4.8(Outdoor)
Pixel Pitch (mm) 2.6 2.97 3.91 3.91 4.81
LED Type 3 in 1 SMD 3 in 1 SMD 3 in 1 SMD 3 in 1 SMD 3 in 1 SMD
Module Size (WxH)/(mm) 250x250 250x250 250x250 250x250 250x250
Panel Size (WxH)/(mm) 500x500 500x500 500x500 500x500 500x500
Pixel Per Panel 192x192 168x168 128x128 128x128 104x104
Panel Material Die-casting Aluminum Die-casting Aluminum Die-casting Aluminum Die-casting Aluminum Die-casting Aluminum
Panel Weight (kg) 7.5 7.5 7.5 8 8
Brightness (nit) > 1000 > 1000 > 1200 > 5500 > 5500
Refresh Rate (Hz) > 1920 > 1920 > 1920 > 1920 > 1920
Gray Scale (bit) 16 16 16 16 16
Viewing Angle (H/V) (°) 160/140 160/140 160/140 160/140 160/140
Avg. Power Consumption (W) 240/sqm 210/sqm 218/sqm 236/sqm 243/sqm
Max. Power Consumption (W) 720/sqm 630/sqm 654/sqm 708/sqm 729/sqm
Operating Temperature (℃) ﹣20~﹢60 ﹣20~﹢60 ﹣20~﹢60 ﹣20~﹢60 ﹣20~﹢60
IP Rating (Front/Rear) IP40/IP21 IP40/IP21 IP40/IP21 IP65 IP65
LED Lifetime (H) 100000 100000 100000 100000 100000
Module Maintenance Front/Rear Front/Rear Front/Rear Front/Rear Front/Rear
PSU & Others Maintenance Rear Rear Rear Rear Rear
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