High Performance Rental Event LED Wall Panel

A Series


Optimized PCB Board Design

Cinstar A series LED video screen panel adopts top class PCB board to ensure the perfect heat dissipation and supreme stability. The PCB supports calibration data storage and highly matched with Nova controlling system.

Top Stability LED Module

Featuring strong magnets and location pins on each module, Cinstar A series LED video screen could withstand transportation vibration and support ceiling installation. The firm module handle makes the maintenance easier and safer. In addition, the module is hot swappable and could be placed at any postion of the panel. Reduce spare modules!



Highly Integrated Control Unit

Cinstar A series control unit is universal to all the pixel pitches and supports quick removable without tools. The lightweight and narrowed control unit is easy to handle when performing replacement.

Truly Seamless Screen Connection

Cinstar A series rental LED video screen is designed with positioning pins for seamless connection and anti-collision device to protect the bottom LEDs from damage. The fast side locks, top and side handlers can make the installation and removal very quick and easy.



Practical Corner Protection Flip

Featuring with corner protection flip, which effectively protect the corners of panel when performing set up or transport in road case. Which can greatly minimize the dead pixels caused by collision.

Versatile Creative Installation

Cinstar A series rental LED video screen is so versatile that it could be used as flat LED video wall, right angle set-up, concave or convex installation. All these features make it easy for you to achieve any special shape and creative effect.



Suspension And Floor Stacking Available

Cinstar A series rental LED video screen can be installed as hanging or floor stacking to meet the various requirements of your events. More possibilities can bring you more business opportunities!

A Series Features

High standard PCB board and module

Truly modular panel design and high compatibility

Fully front or rear access service available

Ergonomic handle easier for one-man installation

Well-chamfered panel ensures safer operation

Versatile panel with multiple creative applications

A Series Showcase
Technical Specification
A1.5 A1.9 A2.9 A2.9(Outdoor) A3.9(Outdoor)
Pixel Pitch (mm) 1.56 1.95 2.97 2.97 3.91
LED Type 3 in 1 SMD 3 in 1 SMD 3 in 1 SMD 3 in 1 SMD 3 in 1 SMD
Module Size (WxH)/(mm) 250x250 250x250 250x250 250x250 250x250
Panel Size (WxH)/(mm) 500x500 500x500 500x500 500x500 500x500
Pixel Per Panel 320x320 256x256 168x168 168x168 128x128
Die-casting Aluminum Die-casting Aluminum Die-casting Aluminum Die-casting Aluminum Die-casting Aluminum Die-casting Aluminum
Panel Weight (kg) 7.5 7.5 7.5 8 8
Brightness (nit) > 600 > 600 > 1000 > 5000 > 5000
Refresh Rate (Hz) > 3840 > 3840 > 3840 > 3840 > 3840
Gray Scale (bit) 16 16 16 16 16
Viewing Angle (H/V) (°) 160/160 160/160 160/160 140/140 140/140
Avg. Power Consumption (W) 200/sqm 160/sqm 150/sqm 200/sqm 200/sqm
Max. Power Consumption (W) 560/sqm 480/sqm 520/sqm 600/sqm 600/sqm
Operating Temperature (℃) ﹣20~﹢60 ﹣20~﹢60 ﹣20~﹢60 ﹣20~﹢60 ﹣20~﹢60
IP Rating (Front/Rear) IP40/IP21 IP40/IP21 IP40/IP21 IP65 IP65
LED Lifetime (H) 100000 100000 100000 100000 100000
Module Maintenance Front/Rear Front/Rear Front/Rear Front/Rear Front/Rear
PSU & Others Maintenance Rear Rear Rear Rear Rear
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