Pros And Cons Of Digital LED Billboard Advertising Truck


Marketing isn't something that comes naturally to everyone. You could be an aspiring entrepreneur wanting to set up a global business, but if you lack in the marketing side of the company, then your product, no matter how good it is, won't hold it all together. You could be great on the manufacturing side, but for setting up a full-fledged international business with your products, you need to be good on the marketing side

For this reason, people even specifically study marketing very closely to boost their business. In the beginning, no one can afford a team of people who could look after the company's marketing while you focus on the manufacturing.

You need to be sure that it will be a hit, and for that, you need to know marketing at your fingertips. However, no specific formula is proven to work; you always have to create your formula and try it. You would surely cover the basics like advertisements of your products both on television and online. This is called transit media, and in that, there are a number of things, but the most common and valuable are mobile billboards. With that being said, let's look at their pros and cons to make it clear to you.

Pros Of Digital Led Billboard Truck

Digital Billboard Advertising with Sound

Most people question that if a billboard can do one thing more effective than a billboard truck, why should one invest in an LED billboard advertising truck? Those people haven't seen a billboard truck in their lives; well, this is a reason to use billboard trucks as they would grab more attention. However, we were trying to highlight here that billboards are just posters with LED lights at their back but digital billboard trucks with LED screens and sound. This way, you are not just getting it into the visual memory of your consumers but also the excellent memory. Researches show that visual and sound memory collectively make more impact than being separate.

Wide Variety of Applications

Billboards can't be changed in any way; every product will be advertised in the same way by printing a poster and getting it fitted on the billboards installed in one place. However, with digital billboard trucks, there are so many ways to put them to use for various products in unique ways. For example, if one has to advertise a juice product, one can promote it with the help of an outdoor LED display on a digital billboard truck. Simultaneously they can set up a juice stall in the truck for additional marketing, and consumers can come and watch the ad while also tasting the juice. If your product is good, it will immediately get your regular customers.

Flexible Advertising On Mobile Trucks

With billboards or any other advertising option that isn't mobile, it becomes challenging because it costs extra money every time; they are time-consuming. Whereas with billboard trucks, as a matter of the fact that they are mobile, it becomes flexible to release ads. One doesn't have to pay extra money every time as they can take their truck to a specific place, be it a festival or a concert. It takes no time as there is no assembling or dissembling involved. As it is a truck, it doesn't require going through any of the approval procedures for the ad publication.

Cost-Effective Advertising Option

Digital billboard trucks are extremely cost-effective compared to the traditional advertising options. You only have to invest in them once, and later the only cost would be fuel, generator, and driver. Whereas the traditional billboards or any such advertising option needs to be changed whenever new ads come in. The cost of labor in putting up new advertising posters is also reduced to zero with digital billboard trucks as they have LED displays that can be changed just with the help of a computer, and that's it; you have a new ad on it without having to spend a penny.

Adequate Advertisement Positioning

With traditional advertising, it becomes very hard to get a position that catches the most attention at a place already taken by big names, and if you still want to get it, you will have to pay double the money for it. This is not a problem with digital billboard trucks as it has unlimited positions, and one doesn't even have to pay for them, just a one-time investment and then full-time advertising. Hence it doesn't only help you save money from paying for different positions but also provides you with unlimited advertising positions.

Cons Of Digital Led Billboard Truck

Time-Consuming Import Procedure

Traditional billboards do take up a lot of time in their assembling and dissembling; however, that time is short compared to the time that goes into importing a digital billboard. It takes almost three months to get the billboard truck to your place. Companies take two months in their manufacturing, and then almost one month is spent on their shipping and customs clearance and all the other import procedures. Therefore, it is considered a drawback, although if you are willing to wait for three months, you will have to spend no time on advertising anymore.

Road Safety is Endangered

As a digital billboard truck roams around a city, its light causes strain on the eyes and can result in some traffic accidents due to causing distraction. Therefore, many countries have even banned billboard trucks from advertising while the truck is moving on the road.

Light And Noise Pollution

The drawback of digital billboard trucks is that even though they are environmentally friendly, they do not involve any waste of posters. They are also bad for the environment, producing light and noise pollution. The display of digital trucks has a brightness more significant than 60% of the natural lighting, so you can imagine how hard it feels on the eye. As a result, it causes discomfort in the eyes of other drivers hence light pollution. Similarly, no other traditional advertising option provides sound, but digital billboards do as much as it is a good thing; it is also bad as it creates noise pollution everywhere it goes. Crowded places won't be affected by the sound of these trucks, but in areas that are not crowded, it would be like a disaster killing the calm environment

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