How to maintain LED screen in Autumn and Winter


Normally, the electronic equipment is easily broken in autumn and winter, so as the LED screen. As a high-value electronic product, how to maintain the LED screen during this period is crucial to know. Besides the routine maintenance, here are 3 aspects that need to pay attention to: static electricity shock, condensation damage, and low temperature influence.

The static electricity is one of the Killers of LED screens. It can damage the electronic components and reduce the service life of the screen, no matter it is indoor one or outdoor one, it is a safety threat to the screen. The simple and efficient way to avoid such potential problem is the ground wire, which can convey the static electricity to the ground in time. What’s more, when operating the screen, it is necessary to wear a wrist strap to prevent screen damage caused by the human body's static electricity as well.

The condensation is another threat to the LED screen, which has a vital influence to the outdoor LED screen. The condensation is made by water vapor in the air, it may form water drops and attach to the surface of PCB board, power supply and module of the LED screen. If the waterproof protection is not processed well, the PCB board and module might be corrupted for long time run, which will greatly damage the electronic components and shorten the life of the screen. The solution is to choose the screen coated with waterproof coatings.

The low temperature will affect the operation of the LED screen. The working temperature range of most outdoor LED screen is -20℃ - 60℃. The low temperature will reduce the activity of the semiconductor device, even worse it will cause cannot start-up. Besides, the plastic parts will be cracking at extremely low temperatures. Therefore, pay attention to the working temperature of the LED display screen. Do not turn on the LED screen when it is too low temperature and regularly check the working conditions of the screen. In extremely cold conditions, a heating device can do some help to the LED screen.

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