Advertising Outdoor Front Access Service Solution
Pixel Pitch (mm): 6.67 / 8 / 10 / 16
Brightness (nits): >6500
Refresh Rate(Hz): <3840
Application: Outdoor Advertising
Key Features
  • High profile magnesium alloy panel
  • Top stability & durability advertising board
  • Fast installation & easy maintenance
  • Slim and light weight panel design
  • Stunning high value advertising solution

High Profile Magnesium Alloy Panel

Featuring magnesium alloy material with high precision CNC technology, Cinstar CT series outdoor advertising billboard screen is with better flatness, supreme heat dissipation, lighter weight and more outstanding waterproof levels than traditional steel panels. A reliable advertising billboard will greatly increase your business values.

Top Stability & Durability Advertising Board

Cinstar CT series outdoor digital advertising board is featured with high level IP rating and supreme cooling design to guarantee the best reliability and performance. All the quality components and user friendly design enable it the best solution to maximize your ROI.



Fast Installation & Easy Maintenance

Cinstar CT series LED billboard display can be maintained easily from both front and rear with a service wrench. It takes only a few steps to maintain the modules and other parts, minimum labor required. The handles and locks can extremely accelerate the installation and make it really easy and fast.

Slim And Light Weight Panel Design

Adopting magnesium alloy material, the panel weight of Cinstar CT series outdoor LED advertising billboard is only 50% of traditional steel ones. Which saves at least 20% of the steel frame cost. Ultra slim panel requires narrower installation space and more adaptive to various applications.



Stunning Eye Catching High Value Advertising Solution

Cinstar CT series is an ideal solution for high profile outdoor commercial advertising applications. Its top stability, superb visibility and extraordinary image performance make it the new icon for outdoor billboard advertising at pedestrian mall, shopping centers, theme parks, shopping malls and other high traffic areas.

CT SERIES Features

High profile die-cast aluminum panel

Top stability and reliability display board

Fast installation and easy maintenance

Slim and light weight panel design

Excellent heat dissipation and IP65 waterproof

Ideal outdoor advertising display solution

CT SERIES Showcase
Technical Specification
CT6 CT8 CT10 CT16
Pixel Pitch (mm) 6.67 8 10 16
LED Type 3 in 1 SMD 3 in 1 SMD 3 in 1 SMD 3 in 1 SMD
Module Size (WxH)/(mm) 320x320 320x320 320x320 320x320
Panel Size (WxH)/(mm) 960x960 960x960 960x960 960x960
Pixel Per Panel 144x144 120x120 96x96 60x60
Panel Material Magnesium Alloy Magnesium Alloy Magnesium Alloy Magnesium Alloy
Brightness (nit) > 6500 > 6500 > 6500 > 7000
Refresh Rate (Hz) > 1920 > 1920 > 1920 > 1920
Gray Scale (bit) 16 16 16 16
Viewing Angle (H/V) (°) 140/140 140/140 140/140 120/60
Operating Temperature (℃) ﹣20~﹢60 ﹣20~﹢60 ﹣20~﹢60 ﹣20~﹢60
IP Rating (Front/Rear) IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65
LED Lifetime (H) 100000 100000 100000 100000
Maintenance Method Front / Rear Front / Rear Front / Rear Front / Rear
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