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  • CR Series

    CR Series

    Pixel Pitch: 3.9mm/4.8mm
    Panel Size: 500x500mm
    Brightness: >5500nits
    Material: Die-casting Aluminum
    Application: Outdoor Rental Applications
    Being the most matured versatile video equipment in Audio-Visual rental industry, CR series gains great attention for its stunning image quality, attractive appearance and user-oriented design. It is your first choice for rental events.   
  • Ultra Slim & Light Weight

    Ultra Slim & Light Weight

    Each panel is with the weight of 8kg and depth of 85mm. Which create a positive effect on calculation of weight load and transportation. Easier to carry especially when set up a very big video wall.
  • High Smoothness

    High Smoothness

    CNC high-precision die casting aluminum panel greatly reduce tolerance to achieve seamless connection and in return to obtain sharp image presentation. Qualified for any high end and high profile events.
  • Front and Rear Maintenance Available

    Front and Rear Maintenance Available

    All parts including power supply and receiving card can be maintained from front or rear. No matter live activity event or installation against wall, no worries on maintenance. All the modular parts can be reached and replaced easily and quickly.
  • Versatile Installation​

    Versatile Installation​

    Supports both flat or curved installation. Cylinder or sharp 90 degree application is possible.
  • User-experience Oriented Design

    User-experience Oriented Design

    >Panel corner is after chamfer to protect both module and workers from accidental damage. 
    >Integrated modular design makes the maintenance more convenient and faster even on site to guarantee the truly trouble free operation. 

    >LCD information window shows working temperature, working voltage, total working hours and power & data connection status etc. Easily catch the working condition of whole screen and diagnose problem shortly. 
  • Really Fast Set-up and Tear Down

    Really Fast Set-up and Tear Down

    Classic fast locking system and magnetic adsorption allows one man operation. Less labors and working hours on site guarantee a better ROI. 

  • Unique Practical Design

    Unique Practical Design

    Each panel equips one removable module handle, practical to use and reduce weight of panel. The detailed cable gripper is very helpful when put panels back into road case, cables are well protected. 
  • Professional Image Representation

    Professional Image Representation

    High refresh rate secures flawless shooting by professional camera. High grayscale delivers very detailed image even with low brightness.
CR Series-Specification
Model CR3.9 CR4.8
Pixel Pitch (mm) 3.91 4.81
Cabinet Size (WxHxD)/(mm) 500x500x75
Pixel Per Cabinet 128x128 104x104
Cabinet Material Die-casting Aluminum
Cabinet Weight (kg) 8.5
Module Size (WxH)/(mm) 250x250
Brightness (nit) >5000
Refresh Rate (Hz) >1920
Scan Mode  1/16  1/13
Gray Scale (bit)  16
Viewing Angle (H/V) (°)  140/140
AC Operating Voltage (V) 100~240 (±5%)
Storage Temperature (℃)  ﹣40~﹢60
Operating Temperature (℃) ﹣20~﹢60
IP Rating (Front/Rear) IP65/IP54
LED Lifetime (H) 100,000
Certificate CE FCC ETL RoHS

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