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  • FR Series

    FR Series

    Pixel Pitch: 5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm
    Cabinet Size: Customized Size
    Brightness: >6500nits
    Material: Iron or Aluminum
    Application: Outdoor Rear Service Advertising
    FR series is exclusively for outdoor commercial advertising applications. High brightness SMD and high IP level guarantee superb advertisement showing and all-weather operations. It is a perfect choice for different kinds of outdoor installations such as shopping malls, plaza, arena scoreboard, column beside the high way, trailers and building roof installation etc.

  • Soft Image, Big Viewing Angle

    Soft Image, Big Viewing Angle

    FR series is with high quality SMD which shows much vivid and soft image. More comfortable to be seen by human eyes. Meanwhile, SMD can achieve bigger viewing angle (more than 120degree) which makes sure more passing-bys can enjoy the good quality image of advertisement. Great to enhance the commercial value and decorate the beauty of city.
  • Great Smoothness, Perfect Image Quality

    Great Smoothness, Perfect Image Quality

    FR series are with screw fixed modules which ensures the best surface uniformty of display area. Each module mask is fixed by several screws, greatly prevent the mask from deforming after long time exposure under sever weather. Cinstar FR series is seamless connection and showing image without any dark lines and bright lines, high quality advertisement performance is guaranteed.
  • Aviation Connector, Easier for Cabling

    Aviation Connector, Easier for Cabling

    Waterproofing aviation connectors are adopted to make the cable connection easier. No need to open doors and screw sockets, just simply plug in. Greatly improved the operation security and save much installation time.
  • Excellent Cooling Effect

    Excellent Cooling Effect

    Each cabinet is designed four ventilation areas to improve the cooling effect. There are several electric fans inside cabinet to provide an uninterrupted air exchange to ensure a perfect heat dissipation. But if the screen is with giant size and installed in tropical and subtropical areas, then external air conditioner is needed.
  • Brightness Adjustable, Energy Saving

    Brightness Adjustable, Energy Saving

    The brightness of LED display can be varied with ambient light conditions by working with one light sensor. When it is dark, the brightness can be adjusted automatically to a Non-dazzling condition. Comfortable to eyes and reduce operation cost.
  • Multi-function LED Display

    Multi-function LED Display

    If needed, the monitor card can be installed in each cabinet to achieve fault detections: module working condition, humidity and temperature detection, power supply voltage detections etc. When any error occured, it will show up on the software or report to operator automatically. Such function is optional, but very helpful for advertising business. When screen goes malfunciton, with instant notice the problem can be fixed at first minute and guarantee the best working condition of the display.
  • Long Distance Transmission Solution

    Long Distance Transmission Solution

    The transmission distance of normal CAT 5 cable is 100m, if the distance between control room and LED display beyond 100m, some extender devices like fiber converter are needed to prevent signal loss or delay. Cinstar fiber converter can guarantee the transmission distance up to 15km. If the distance more than 15km, it will need internet cloud.
  • Remote Diagnostic and Cloud-Based Publishing Platform

    Remote Diagnostic and Cloud-Based Publishing Platform

    Cinstar LED display supports remote diagnostics. All the LED display working conditions can be monitored by a registered device like smartphone, Ipad etc. With on-site image monitoring, we know on-site conditions of all LED display in time. The brightness and parameters of each LED screen can be adjusted remotely. With Cloud-based publishing platform, we can edit the advertisement of each LED screen separately on one device anytime anywhere. Truly professional screen manager.
FR Series-Specification
Model FR5 FR6 FR8 FR10
Pixel Pitch (mm) 5 6 8 10
LED Type SMD2727 SMD3535 SMD3535 SMD3535
Cabinet Size (WxHxD)/(mm) 640x640x135(Changable) 960x768x135(Changable) 1024x768x135(Changable) 960x960x135(Changable)
Pixel Per Cabinet 128x128 160x128 128x96 96x96
Cabinet Material Steel (Aluminum is optional) Steel (Aluminum is optional) Steel (Aluminum is optional) Steel (Aluminum is optional)
Cabinet Weight (kg) 22 40 45 50
Module Size (WxH)/(mm) 160x160 192x192 256x128 160x160
Brightness (nit) >7000 >6000 >6000 >6000
Refresh Rate (Hz) >1920 >1920 >1920 >1920
Gray Scale (bit)  16 16 16 16
Viewing Angle (H/V) (°)  140/120 140/120 140/120 140/120
Driving Type    1/8  1/8  1/4  1/4
AC Operating Voltage (V) 110~220 (±5%) 110~220 (±5%) 110~220 (±5%) 110~220 (±5%)
Avg. Power Consumption (W) 300/sqm 280/sqm 300/sqm 215/sqm
Max. Power Consumption (W) 900/sqm 880/sqm 920/sqm 650/sqm
Storage Temperature (℃)  ﹣40~﹢60 ﹣40~﹢60 ﹣40~﹢60 ﹣40~﹢60
Operating Temperature (℃) ﹣20~﹢60 ﹣20~﹢60 ﹣20~﹢60 ﹣20~﹢60
IP Rating (Front/Rear) IP65/IP54 IP65/IP54 IP65/IP54 IP65/IP54
LED Lifetime (H) 100000 100000 100000 100000
Module Maintenance  Rear Rear Rear Rear
PSU & Others Maintenance Rear Rear Rear Rear
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    FT Series

    FT Series
    Pixel Pitch: 6mm/8mm/10mm/16mm/20mm
    Cabinet Size: 960x960x145mm or Customized
    Brightness: >6500nits
    Material: Steel
    Application: Outdoor Commercial Advertising
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    FL Series

    FL Series
    Pixel Pitch: 6mm/7mm/8mm/10mm/12mm/16mm
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    Brightness: >6500nits
    Material: Steel
    Application: Outdoor HD Commercial Advertising
    FS Series
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