Hong Kong Cinstar Electronics Co., Limited.

After decades of development, the market now has been divided into more and more specific segments. Which require new technology and innovative product to match, that is why we can see more and more interesting products continuing spring up to the market.

In order to cater to the uprising demand from these new markets, Cinstar designed two creative product series: LED Poster and Transparent LED Display to provide more options to our customers.

LED Poster is designed based on the prototype of traditional printing poster. This digital poster creates much more opportunities than the dull old fashioned poster. It is now a new trend of advertisement due to these unparalleled advantages: plug and play operation, Easy to manage the content (wifi, USB, RG45 etc), multiple installations(floor standing, suspension, wall mounted). This digital poster is now widely used in clothes stores, shopping malls, exhibitions, hotels and wedding ceremony etc. Cinstar X-Poster has been selling for more than 2 years, its exquisite appearance, outstanding performance and versatile function makes it the first option to your project.

Another eye-catching product this year is the transparent LED display, which doomed to be the best option to the shopping mall advertising since it is born. The high transparency makes it see through after glass wall, the elegant aluminum cabinet and color enable it combined well to the surroundings. In addition, it can be also suspended to be used on the stage for rental application. This almost invisible cabinet matching withincredible stage light will definitely bring a brand new visual experience to the spectators. Cinstar transparent LED display can meet any of your installation requirements, the cabinet size can be customized as well to fit your installation sizes.

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