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LED Display Leads The Market Demand On Digital Signage

Recent data shows that the growth on digital signage at an annual rate of 18.3% in the coming 3-4 years. Both LCD and LED displays will play a key role on the growth, but research shows that more than half of the demand will be generated from big screen in 2019.
We all know that LED display is the born king for big screen advertising with its great advantages of seamless splicing, modular and flexible designs. With technology development, the narrow pixel pitch LED display has been able to be used in ultra high definition application like control room, monitor room which was dominated by LCD videowall and projector before. But now there are more space for LED displays.
Field of outdoor advertising
It is accepted that LED display is the first choice for outdoor advertising compared to LCD, OLED and other kind of advertisings. The flexible and modular features of LED screen make digital signage more changeable and manageable. With the popularization and technology breakthrough, LED displays is now a more affordable choice for outdoor commercial advertising.
Field of commercial windows
With the progress of LED technology and continuous emergence of innovative products, LED digital signage now can achieve more interesting functions. For example, the LED double transparent screen at the Shanghai international LED exhibition and the interactive LED transparent digital signage with new infrared, face recognition, body sensing technology, 3D/VR, etc. It meets the needs of diversified products to beautify shopping environment and help to enhance the customers' shopping experience.
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