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Infinite Potential In Led Display Market

In recent years, transparent LED display has achieved great technological breakthrough. For example, it enables LEDs integrated to glass which promotes the development of transparent LED display. The market gives high expectation on such creative and innovative LED product thanks to its great transparency, light weight, easy installation, energy saving and environmental protection. It is more like an artistic craft rather than industrial product and will play an irreplaceable role to city beauty decorations.

At present, China's market demand on transparent display is huge. According to related information, the total area of glass curtain wall has exceeded 70 million square meters, the market potential is massive. The research agency of "Displaybank" even made a bold prediction on transparent LED display: the market value of LED transparency display will reach US$87.2 billion in 2025. Some even predict that the transparent display maybe the second most popular area in LED display industry in the future.

Besides transparent LED display, the market demand on creative LED rental screen and traditional commercial LED screen is increasing each year. More and more LED equipment has been added to user companies’ wish list to replace traditional projector, LCD videowall and printing advertisement. It is an irreversible trend that LED display will become the dominant in visual effect applications.
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