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Cinstar ST4 Rental Screen Supports UUP Conference 2017

Last week, Cinstar LED screen witnessed one productive UUP conference 2017. The leader Robin Swann attended and host this conference. The whole conference was broadcasted by BBC2 and got a lot of attention from UK political parties. 

UUP is short for Ulster Unionist Party which is currently the fourth-largest political party in Northern Ireland. Which has great influence on North Ireland political affairs.

The LED display which presented excellent image quality for attendees and broadcasting was Cinstar ST4. This model is with front service, light weight and slim panel, support both hanging and ground stacking applications. The screen on this conference is 42sqm and with floor stacking application since there are no suspension points on-site. The high brightness and high refresh rate ensured zero-defect operation during whole conference, no flickering, no waves and mosaic effect. The sponsor was very satisfied to the excellent screen performance and showed great interest to further contract. 
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