Innovative transparent LED film screen wall debuts


After months of diligent and trouble shootings, Cinstar team debuted its very innovative transparent LED film screen to bring more possibilities to the industry and create more opportunities and installation scenarios to our clients.

As a kind of creative transparent LED display, Cinstar flexible LED film screen TF series is a cutting-edge solution for all your indoor advertising signage needs. Featured with ultra-thin design, flexible in any size and self-adhesive tiles, this transparent LED film screen is easy to install and can be tailored to meet any of your unique requirements. The wide pixel pitches with high resolution and truly versatile display design make it the perfect solution for a wide range of application scenarios from retail advertising to trade shows and exhibitions. In addition, its super thin profile design ensures that it can be harmoniously integrated with glass walls rather than affecting the building design and light condition, meanwhile delivering stunning, immersive and vibrant visuals. 

Cinstar TF series transparent LED film screen wall can benefit your advertising business from wide arrange of aspects:

Great Transparency Performance

The transmittance of Cinstar flexible LED film screen can reach up to 60-90% which varies with different pixel pitch. With such high transparency rate, the LEDs are almost invisible from a certain distance, meanwhile the original glass wall design can be kept untouched and its light condition won't be affected.

Extraordinary Display Effect

With ideal viewing distance, the image looks like floating on the glass wall, delivering you a visual feast with 3D naked eye effect experience. Which can be perfectly integrated with the building to be invisible and create favorable commercial value for your business.

Versatile Display Design

Featured with flexible and self-adhesive design, Cinstar flexible LED film screen can be directly pasted to any flat or curved glass walls. The ultra-slim (3mm in depth) and light weight (2-4kg/sqm) panel can be tailored to any size and shape to meet specific requirement and realize all your bold imagination on the creative setting of the display.

Unparalleled Flexibility & Scalability

Cinstar flexible LED film screen can be bent or cut, best solution for curved or special-shaped glass wall installations. The panel can be customized and spliced to specific demand, great flexibility in display effect. What is more, it can captivate spectators easily by delivering stunning and high-resolution visual effect.

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