Cinstar U1.25 4K UHD LED video screen for home cinema


In the past June, one another Cinstar UHD 4K LED video wall was delivered and installed at our customer’s home to serve as main screen of home cinema. All parties were satisfied to the vivid colors and detailed image production of the LED screen wall!


This home cinema project applied Cinstar U1.25 fine pixel pitch LED screen and with the screen dimension of 5400x2362mm, which meets the required measurement precisely. The LED system was equipped with high quality Nationstar LED and top level driver IC MBI5153 to get an unparalleled refresh rate 3840Hz. No matter show video content or presentation, It can carry it our with great visual impact and remarkable performance.

Here are some key features of Cinstar U series.

UHD Superb Visual Impact

Featuring the Black LEDs, Cinstar U series fine pixel pitch LED wall provides a superior HD image with high contrast ratio 6000:1, high refresh rate to 3840Hz, deep blacks and vibrant colors. High quality image output is guaranteed for TV productions. The pixel pitches range from 0.93mm to 1.87mm.

Seamless Video Splicing Technology

Cinstar U series fine pitch LED panel construction is made of ultra-high precision die-cast aluminum with tolerance < 0.2mm. In addition, it is capable of module-level fine adjustment, which ensures truly seamless connection and excellent image quality.

Ultra Wide Viewing Angle

Black LEDs with optically trap lampshade to provide significant optical effect. The ultra-wide viewing angle 160° enables spectators at any angle can enjoy a great visual experience. Cinstar U series is capable of various installations like wall mounting, hanging or ground stacking etc.

Front Installation & Maintenance

Cinstar U series supports fully front installable and serviceable. Easier for installation and maintenance. Which requires no maintenance space and is the ideal video system for against the wall installation.

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