The reasons why you need to upgrade your projector & LCD video wall


Thanks to the breakthrough of encapsulation technology, lower and lower pixel pitches like 1.25mm, 0.9mm and 0.7mm can now be applied to deliver ultra-high resolution to meet the rapidly growing market demand on Micro pitch LED video wall solutions. It is a new era for LED screen industry, but a big challenge to the very traditional display technology, for example the projector and LCD video wall.


After dominating the commercial market for decades, the influence of projector and LCD video wall goes weak due to its vital weakness and emerging of a strong challenger. This powerful competitor is fine pitch LED screen.

Comparing with projector and LCD video wall, fine pitch LED screen has the unparalleled features as below:

Unlimited Screen Dimension

With modular design, fine pitch LED screen can easily meet any kind of project dimensions from small screen size like 5sqm to hundreds square meters giant LED video wall. You can decide the screen dimension you want.


Seamless Top Quality Image Production

Fine pitch LED screen is applying high precision die-cast aluminum panel, the gap between panels is greatly minimized to lower than 0.1mm, seamless connection ensuring the best visual experience. On the contrary, the big gap between the LCD video wall cut the whole image into pieces and greatly influence the visual enjoyment.

High Brightness And High Grey Scale Level

By using quality LED diode, the brightness of fine pitch LED screen can reach up to 500-800nits(after calibration). High brightness makes the LED video wall more readable to more people, even when the ambient lighting is strong. The high grayscale level 16 bit can show true color of the image and makes sure the superior color reproduction and color accuracy. When comes to projector, it is performing bad on brightness, color production and contrast ratio. The image looks plain and the color distortion is severe.


High Contrast Ratio And Wide Viewing Angle

Fine pitch LED screen is using black SMD and black painted mask to create a high contrast ratio(5000:1 even higher) to make sure the image on LED screen is vivid and eye catching. That is why more and more LED screens are now delivered to cinemas as main screens. Besides, the viewing angle of fine pitch LED screen can reach to 160 degrees (Horizontal and Vertical) and wider, more people can be covered and get a nice view.


As the cost drops, more and more fine pitch LED screens are installed at control room, commander center and conference room to replace the outdated projector and LCD video to have better image performance and true color productions. If you are upgrading your meeting rooms, which type of display technology you will choose?

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