Cinstar HD1.25 4K fine pitch LED display ready for shipment to US


Big thanks to the customers who supported us at this unprecedented period, hope the quarantine time will come to its end soon and everything back to the right track.


Last month, we confirmed one project with our US customer for an ultra-high definition LED video wall, which is for wall mounted installation. The original plan was to apply a pitch 1.56mm screen, but after thorough study and comparison on our products, the customer finally went with our high profile fine pixel pitch solution HD1.25. The whole screen was 9x7 panels and with dimension of 5400x2362mm. The whole LED system was with high quality LEDs and high refresh rate of 3840Hz to achieve a stunning and stable visual performance.


The LED system was calibrated before delivery to guarantee its best performance when it is installed at the location. Considering the customer is new to LED display, we made marks on each panel and outputs of the controllers to make sure no any surprises happen on site. All the controllers were configured ready and the drawings were sent to the customer for instructions.


Cinstar delivers not only the quality products and services, what more important is that we are trying to create a trustable feeling for our customers that they should feel no concerns when choosing Cinstar as partner. We always think about the customers and will stand behind them under any circumstances.

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