Cinstar HD 1.87 ready for shipment to Belgium



Coronavirus is still there, but we still need to continue our business.

In the middle of January, we close one deal with our Belgium customer for a trial HD1.87 screen for several shopping centers in Belgium. The screen size is 12x3 panels, screen size 7.2mx1.10m. If this trial screen works nice, there will be 10-20 pcs more. The customer visited and inspected our factory before placing order and had big confidence in us. The lead time was one week delayed due to the impact of Coronavirus, but luckily we didn’t miss their installation schedule.


With the impact of virus, the production capacity of all of our material suppliers is greatly affected. Which in return will affect our lead time. It is a fact that the lead time will be longer than before, but Cinstar has taken every possible measures to shorten the production time and ease the impact on customer’s project schedule.

Coronavirus caused a big inconvenience to our work and threaten our lives, hope all the people around the world will stay together and take his/her responsibility to prevent spread of the virus and win this battle very soon.

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