20x9 panels of Cinstar HD1.2 Concave LED wall ready to Germany



As one of the best-selling products among all Cinstar product lines, Cinstar fine pitch LED display solution HD series contributed a major part of our sales volume in 2019. And it seems that this product will have a more prosperous performance in the new year 2020.


At the beginning of January, Cinstar won its first HD series project in 2020. It was a massive concave HD1.2 for a National conference hall in Germany. The screen dimension is 20 x 9 panels, total screen size 12mx3.07m. The customer was very picked on the panel depth and the flatness of the screen. After comparing with several different LED solutions from other manufacturers, they finally chose Cinstar as their supplier for the following reasons:

Cinstar team has excellent service quality and strong production capacity.

Cinstar HD series is with Ultra slim (less than 38mm) and super light-weight panel.

Cinstar HD series is a truly seamless LED video wall, ready to present a breathtaking image performance.


If you are interested to Cinstar HD series for any high profile installation, here is link for product introduction: https://www.cinstar-led.com/product-detail/hd-series.php

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