150SQM EC2.9 rental LED kit ready for shipment to Sweden


Recently, our Swedish customer placed their second purchasing order with Cinstar for their fast growing event production business. It was just 6 months after their first purchase of 100sqm of our EC4.8 outdoor rental kit. All these 150sqm LED display will be applied to a large scale concert touring for its virgin show in January, 2020.


The reason why the customer chose Cinstar as its sole supplier of LED equipment is because Cinstar is capable of offering them a truly cost effective display solutions which are designed with practical features for rental event production and entertainment industry. And more important is that all Cinstar products are with assured quality and well controlled cost.


Cinstar has a lean business plan. We can’t and won’t circle too many customers which beyond our ability. Our business strategy is to find a few customers on the market who share similar business philosophy and culture with us. Then we will establish long term business relationship with them and support them to cultivate the markets.

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