80 panels of HD2.3 installed at Christ Lutheran Church in USA


During Chinese National Day festival, our customer delivered 80 panels of Cinstar HD series 2.3mm to Christ Lutheran Church in California, USA. Before that, the church was using projector for the visual delivering, but they were tired of the inaccuracy brightness of projector and finally decided to replace it with high quality image performance LED display solution. The screen fits nicely with the front of the stage and the image is crystal clear from entire sanctuary seating area.


Cinstar HD series is optimized to display ultra-high resolution image on a very limited display size. Such direct view LED display solution is ideal for TV studio, board room, monitor room and in-your-face advertising and more. The system features high refresh rate and wide color gamut, super thin and light weight panel, support both front and rear installation and maintenance. If you are ready to upgrade your home cinema or meeting room with stunning performance LED display, please check the solution and drop your message for any interest: https://www.cinstar-led.com/product-detail/hd-series.php

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