5 Tips to Extend Lifespan of Your Advertising LED Billboard

May 14, 2019

As the current most preferable media display solution, LED billboard has been widely adopted by all walks of life and is performing a critical role to deliver excellent visual impact.

Taking outdoor advertising for example, LED billboard is beating traditional print advertising no matter what the brightness, image quality, durability and usability. It is like a rock star in the advertising industry.

LED billboard brings you much opportunities and helps to boost your business. But do you have any idea how to perform the normative routine maintenance to extend the lifespan of your LED billboard and in return to maximize its commercial value? Here are 5 tips we would like to share with you.

  • Tips 1: Working conditions

    Making sure the working temperature -20℃~ +50℃ working humidity 10%~90%. Operation exceed the range may damage the LED display and cause safety incident.

    Do not use or store LED billboard in the circumstances of high temperature, high humidity and high corrosion.

    If ambient temperature is too high and may affect the normal heat dissipation, do not use the display for long time.

    Prevent any leak or other metal particles into cabinet. Dust and metal particle will affect the stability of electronic components. If leakage problem occurred, don’t use the LED billboard until it is maintained and get dry inside.

  • Tips 2: Turn on/off LED billboard

    Start controlling computer first before turning on the LED billboard.

    When turning off LED billboard, first to shut down the power of display, then the controlling software and last the controlling computer. If turning off computer when LED billboard is still running, which may cause very high brightness spot on LED display and burn the LEDs.

    Do not turning on/off LED billboard frequently, the interval time should be at least 5 minutes.

    Do not turn on the LED billboard when the computer is displaying white with full brightness. Such state of max power consumption will bring really big current impact to powering system.

  • Tips 3: Power control

    LED module takes DC 5V power supply, NO AC accepted. When connecting the anode and cathode of the power terminal, it has to be done correctly. Otherwise, it will burn the module and even catch fire.

    Any abnormal phenomenon happens like short circuit, switch trip, wire burning or smoke etc, stop any testing when display is still powering on.

    Maintaining the stable power supply and making sure reliable grounding system. Do not use LED billboard at extreme weather conditions like strong thunderstorm and lightning.

    When powering for a giant LED billboard, avoid powering the whole screen at the same time. The instantaneous power may cause severe impact to your powering system.

    Avoid displaying white with full brightness more than half an hour. Which may enlarge the current, heat the power cables and affect the lifespan of LED billboard.

  • Tips 4: LED billboard cleaning

    Scheduled cleaning work. Exposed to the open air, the dusts, particles and rains will leave dirt and traces on the surface of LED billboard, which affects the image quality on the display. So, a routine cleaning work should be performed, whatever indoor or outdoor LED display.

    Both surface of LED billboard and inside of LED cabinet have to be cleaned after running a certain period. Great patience and carefulness are required to avoid any damage to the electronic components, LEDs and modules.

    When performing cleaning, the soft brush and cleaner could be used to clean the dust. Cleaning agents will help remove the dirt on the LED display, but only for outdoor LED billboard.

  • Tips 5: Storage and moistureproof

    Storage temperature requires -40℃ to 60℃. Storage moisture should be less than 60℃ . If LED billboard is stored in the environment of high humidity for months, the electronic components might get wet and cause function problems.

    In the environment of high humidity, LED billboard can’t be shut down for long time. If it is powered off for more than 3 days, preheating has to be performed for next use: preheat the display for 4-8 hours with 30%-50% of the full brightness to discharge the humidity inside cabinet. Then adjust to normal brightness (80%-100%). If the LED billboard is shut down for more than 7 days, then preheating should be at least 12 hours (30%-50% of full brightness).


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