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Except for entertainment and advertising application, LED display is now playing a key role in the exhibition industry. No matter it is a traditional industrial product or sophisticated high technology output, LED display is easy to be seen on various industry exhibitions. The clear image and massive size can greatly show the very detailed exquisite design of the product and enhance the brand influence.

Take the car show, for example, we can always see some giant LED screen on car dealers' booth. Which not only helps to attract passing-bys, what more important is that it helps to show the car details in a more impressive way. The visual effect is greatly enhanced. More people can see the product showed on the screen, great to brand build. The LED display for exhibition use has to be very easy to be installed and quick dismantle. But what more important is that it has to be stable. The exhibition LED display normally used to include car show LED screen, auto show LED display, trade show, consumer show etc.
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