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Entertainment is one of the most important areas where the LED display has been widely adopted to present eye-catching colors and amazing animation. No matter it is a small scale event gathering or ten thousand crowd music festival, LED display is a must part of it. No colors, no entertainment.

Years before, the types of LED display for entertainment industry were quite narrow because it always shows up with the big and fat body, the LED display at that time was just used to fulfill its most basic function: show colors and videos. But things are very different now, the LED display is no longer simple function-oriented equipment, the manufacturers care more about the versatile and user experience. Which creates much variety and the possibility for AV industry.

For Entertainment use, the LED displays are normally with black LED and high refresh to deliver high contrast images. Besides, the screens have to support quite different applications: floor stacking LED screen, hanging tile. The specific application for entertainment including Concert LED display, wedding LED display, bar LED display, award ceremony LED screen, event production LED screen, mobile LED display, high refresh rate LED rental screen, black LED rental screen, horse racing LED screen, boxing LED display etc.

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