Hong Kong Cinstar Electronics Co., Limited.

Years ago, when we turn on the TV, we can always see the LCD video wall used in TV studio to deliver image and video. But right now we can see more and more LED displays to show up and challenging its dominant position.

It is because LED can always beat LCD no matter on the color depth, brightness level, refresh rate, contrast ratio and seamless connection. There is no any limitation on the display size to LED display, the modular design can achieve any size you want. The truly seamless connection brings excellent visual experience to each TV watcher. All these advantages make LED display occupy a growing market in the broadcast industry.

LED display now has been used to TV studio as background, sport broadcasting such as football match LED display, ribbon LED display, cube LED display, basketball LED screen, TV studio LED display, broadcast LED display, trailer LED display, corporate events LED display, meeting room LED display, conference room LED display etc.

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