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Commercial advertising is the crucial area for LED applications. The arrival of digital ages brings revolutionary change to the traditional advertising business. The customer is no longer satisfied with the dull and lifeless method to display advertisements. Comparing to traditional printing advertisement, the LED display can play any kind of advertisement in a more eye-catching way.

Nowadays, LED display has become a part of our daily life. Wherever you go to a train station, airport or shopping center, you can always see the LED display. It is now the mainstream for outdoor advertising for its great commercial value: weatherproof, unlimited size and perfect image performance. All of these unparalleled features make it the first choice for most advertising companies. The possible customized size and specifications enable it affordable to any budget projects.

For advertising, the LED video wall systems are usually giant LED screen, large format LED display, strong mechanical LED screen, large outdoor LED display screens, outdoor retail displays, remote control LED display, LED curtain display.
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